As we all know, life changes constantly. It is the one thing in this realm that you can count on.  It reminds me of a river. It usually looks the same and stays within it’s boundaries, but sometimes things happen and it goes all over the place, destroying the old, creating the new, always changing, yet remaining the same.

People have a difficult time adjusting to change, after all, we are creatures of habit. When something happens to push us out of our comfort zone we tend to panic and the instinct to survive in our own little reality we have created kicks in.

I personally like change for the most part. I have had times when change turned my world upside down, which is really frightening, but after all was said and done, it was the best thing that could have happened at that time in my life.

So the best thing to keep in mind when stuff happens in your life, is that change is constant and it will continue to change. It is up to us to glean all the positive we can from the events in our lives.



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