With all the turmoil in today’s world, I thought I would take some time to appreciate this beautiful planet we live on before man destroys it.

I have not had the opportunity to leave the United States, except to go to Juarez, Mexico, which doesn’t count. I have traveled around the lower 48 quite a bit and have been amazed and awed by the natural beauty in our country.

I am so blessed to live in Colorado. In my opinion, one of the most diverse and beautiful states in the U.S.

When I look at the mountains it makes me realize how small we really are.  It gives me a feeling of being awakened and realizing how insignificant we are in the vast system of things.

We humans think we are so important, but actually we are only a speck of dust with a bit of water thrown in to hold us together. Kind of like mud.

Take a few minutes of each day to appreciate nature and all it’s wonders. It helps keep me grounded and I believe it can do the same for you.

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