Heart Ache

This system of things is in a downward spiral. We are constantly bombarded with negativity, hatred and intolerance. The masses are being brainwashed into believing that it is a good thing to hate your fellow man if he doesn’t think the same way as you do.

My heart aches for what our “civilization” is becoming.  The mob mentality is destroying our world. People are so filled with negativity and hatred that I feel like I am drowning in it.

The things people think are funny are so horrible and downright stupid that I find it hard to comprehend how they can even think the way they do.

So many shows on television are just trash and have no business being broadcast. The prime example is the one where people are running around naked in the woods, pretending like they are trying to survive while the cameras roll and millions of people watch.  What is the point???

The lame-stream media is propaganda mongering at it’s highest level. They don’t try to find the truth before they ruin someone’s life.  It is always the “sensational story” first then deal with the fallout later.

Social media is mob mentality at it’s worst. The public thinks they have a right to judge everyone and destroy people without one bit of consideration for what is real or true. We are becoming a society of sociopaths.  Nobody seems to care who they hurt or what the outcome of their actions will be.  It is far too easy to hide behind the veil of the internet and lash out at anything that doesn’t fit into our comfy little world, made up of lies and illusions that we have convinced ourselves is the ONLY way people should live.

I wish everyone would take a step back and look at themselves objectively. Truth be told, not many want to do that, because they wouldn’t like what they see.  It is not easy to really look in the mirror beyond the reflection of the body that carries around our soul.






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