I believe with all my heart that the old adage, “what goes around, comes around” is very true.

I have seen it in my life and other’s lives too. It is not always easy to see or accept, but it doesn’t change the fact that we create our world.

I am not saying that horrible things that happen to people are all their doing, such as innocent children being sick or abused.  I have no explanation for that. I wish I did. I can only speak from experience in my own life and what I have witnessed in other’s.

Many of the things that happen to us we view as someone else’s fault or just bad luck, but I don’t believe this is true in most cases. Every choice or action we take in the present moves us in a certain direction.  That direction has consequences that we do not foresee.

The things you do to others may not come back to you in the same way. For example, when you hurt someone in a love affair that is entirely due to your selfish behavior, that may come back to you as a health or financial problem.  Think about it.

Instead of saying “why me?”, why not try saying,  “what am I supposed to learn from this?”

It is called taking responsibility for your actions.


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