I am all for helping people in need, but when people who enter our country illegally are treated better than the myriads of homeless American’s and Veteran’s, that is where I draw the line.

Everyone is crying out about the way the illegals are being treated, yet I don’t hear a word about how our citizen’s are treated.  How many kids are taken from their homes in this country over something the parents did? How many people living on the streets have no tent to sleep in or food to eat or medical care? How many kids are being mistreated by the many perverts and unfit parents in this country and yet nothing is being done to help them?

Those kids should not be taken away from their parents. They should all be given a chance to enter our country legally, if they don’t want to do that, then send them back where they came from.  There is a reason they want to leave their country. Maybe the world should start looking at the source of the problem instead of blaming our country for it.

I wonder how other countries in this world would react if they suddenly began having an influx of illegals cross their borders? You can bet that many would be gunned down and nobody would ever say a  word.

Why is it that our country has to be perfect in an imperfect world when it is run by a bunch of clowns and self serving bureaucrats? We elected these idiots so it is our fault all of this is happening, so I wish all the people mouthing off would just shut up before all the skeletons fall out of your closets and bury you under your hypocrisy!

Our immigration system has been broken for a long time and although I think Trump is an idiot, at least he is trying to do something about it, but he is fought every inch of the way!

I notice that, although Trump was actually able to make peace with North Korea, that you don’t hear much about that in the lame stream media.  They would rather focus on all the negativity that is so abundant in the news.  They feed us so much garbage and propaganda that I feel like my head is about to explode!

I am really beginning to hate what this country is becoming.  I see nothing but tragedy in our future.  The tribulation is beginning and we are so wrapped up in this bullshit that no one even sees it happening. One day soon it will be upon us and all of this hatred and backbiting will become insignificant, because we will all be trying to survive what is coming upon the earth.

All of the self righteous hypocrites will be the ones to fall first. They run their mouths and judge everyone, but judgement will be upon them and I hope I live to see it.

I am a firm believer in “what goes around comes around”. People need to remember this as they rant and cause so much pain and discord, all to fulfill their selfish need to be right and make others live according to they think things should be.

I hope this offends some people, because I live in a country where “freedom of speech” is written in our constitution and I am exercising that right. I figure I may as well, because if the majority has their way, we will NOT have this freedom much longer. Just look at what happens to people who voice their opinions. They lose their jobs, are ostracized by the public, they are judged and treated like criminals.

So WAKE UP AMERICA! We are headed down a dark path to destruction and we are bringing it on ourselves!!






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